Laser Treatments

Refresh, Revive, Renew

Smooth & Silky

Our simple laser treatments leave your skin smooth and silky. Take a look at these different areas to see if these procedures are right for you.

Skin Tightening

Radio Frequency Technology gently heats your skin to trigger your body's natural response to produce collagen for tighter, younger-looking skin!
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Hyper Pigmentation

Restore and rejuvenate your skin.
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Body Contouring

Non-surgical body contouring helps you achieve a natural-looking, slimmer appearance in problem areas.
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Spider Veins

Restore the youthful appearance of your legs to reveal smooth silky skin.
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Soften and smooth skin for a refreshing youthful look.
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Sun Damage

Turn back time fighting the effects of sun damage.
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Sun Damage

Laser Treatments

  • IPL - Pigmentation / Vascularity Three Treatments + Products

    Face - $1450 | Neck - $975 | Chest - $875 | Arms - $1000 | Neck & Chest - $1800 | Face, Neck & Chest - $2900

  • Fractional - Texture Five Treatments + Products

    Face - $2000 | Neck - $1400 | Chest - $1200 | Face, Neck & Chest - $3700

  • IPL Fractional Combo Package Three IPL / Five Fractional Treatments + Product

    Face - $2750 | Face & Neck - $4600

  • TempSure - Tightening Six Treatments + Product

    Full Face - $1260 | Eyes $420 | Lower Face - $840 | Body - $315 Per Treatment Site

  • SculpSure - Fat Reduction Number of Treatments Varies

    Submental - $325 Per Treatment | Body - $200 Per Treatment of each 1"x2" square applicator

Types of Lasers

Our newest laser is specifically developed for sun/age spots, broken capillaries, and resurfacing. The Max G and the 1540 are the two hand pieces that will be utilized during these procedures. The Max G is an IPL (Intense Pulse Light) treatment targeting brown spots and unwanted redness in the skin. The 1540 attachment is used for non- ablative skin resurfacing and can treat melasma, acne scars, surgical scars, and stretch marks. 
With any IPL or laser treatment expect some redness and swelling. Depending on treatment there may also be a short amount down time associated.

SmartSkin is a CO2 skin resurfacing laser. It is useful for treating aged skin and more damaged skin. The original CO2 lasers in the mid 1990’s were 100%  ablative but had significant downtime up to two weeks or more. The SmartSkin laser is a fractional laser and can treat from 5% to 100% of the surface of the skin. The technology today allows adjustments for down time (as little as 2-3 days) depending on the patient needs.  You will meet with Dr. Owsley for your specific needs.