Spider Veins

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Spider veins, also known as telangiectasia, is a visible network of blue or purple lines found on the face or legs—resembling a spider’s web. While they often appear on the legs and face, spider veins can appear nearly anywhere on the body.

These veins are usually little more than a cosmetic concern, however, they can impact a person’s quality of life due to embarrassment over one’s appearance. The good news is there are non-invasive, effective ways to eliminate unsightly spider veins permanently with laser therapy.

About the Procedure

Laser treatments for spider veins use concentrated pulses of laser energy to damage affected veins, causing them to seal shut and eventually fade from view. The laser targets the blood in the veins, leaving surrounding tissue and skin undamaged.

The treatment is performed at Owsley Plastic Surgery as an outpatient procedure. Most patients experience minimal discomfort during treatment, which some describe as similar to a pin prick. Topical anesthetic may be used for patients concerned about their comfort level during the procedure. However a cold blast of air is continually applied during laser treatments.

Different wavelengths of laser light may be used during the procedure, depending on the size and depth of the spider veins to be treated. The entire procedure may take less than 30 minutes to complete and patients may return to regular activities immediately following treatment.

Recovery and Typical Results

Some patients experience redness and bruising after treatment, which subsides within a few days. Results of laser therapy usually take between 2 to 6 weeks to fully appear. Because the treated veins are damaged and eventually eliminated, the procedure is considered a permanent treatment for spider veins. Some patients may need multiple sessions of laser therapy to achieve desired results.